How to save photos from Instagram with the help of Siri

In Instagram there are a lot of beautiful photos. Unfortunately, you cannot save them to your device through the app. But you can download them with the command to Siri.

Instagram denies upload photos. Not only app but also through the website. If you copy the link to the post Instagram and open it in Safari, save image will fail.

Upload photos from Instagram, you can use the shortcut for the application Commands. Here’s how to do it:

  • Install team.
  • Open Instagram and copy the link to the photo.
  • Run the command.
  • The photo will immediately be saved in the Photos app. Unlike other similar teams, in that it is not necessary to manually insert the link. Shortcut automatically pulls it from the clipboard.

    Among the shortcomings:

    • Therefore, you cannot upload a batch of photos.
    • Pictures are downloaded in a resolution of 640 Ɨ 640 pixels.
    • The command does not work with videos.
    Clifton Nichols

    Clifton Nichols

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