How to use the mode of “picture in picture” on OS X previous versions

Mode “picture in picture”, which we told you earlier, was one of the most striking manifestations desktop multitasking the new generation. With it you can increase your own productivity without at the same time on compromises. The only limitation regime is inextricably linked with macOS Sierra. will tell you how to activate it on devices running earlier OS versions.

  • To do this, install and run the free Helium app from the Mac App Store. Advance warning: it uses the Safari WebKit, without requiring deep integration with the system;
  • Copy and paste the link with the video you want to play in “picture in picture” window of Helium. The app automatically loads the page with the video, displaying it on top of the performed action;

  • Optionally, adjust the transparency, size and location of the window for a more comfortable experience.

To assess the capabilities of the app before downloading it on your computer, you can choose the following demo video.

As you can see, the functionality of Helium is almost identical to the standard mode of “picture in picture”, offering a broader scope of supported devices. Now, your skill to perform several tasks simultaneously can be envied even by Julius Caesar himself.

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