How to watch the world Cup online? I tested the main ways

Paul Gorodnitsky watched the defeat of Saudi Arabia in three different services. Here is a detailed experience.

The Golden rule of football fan: none important match impossible to watch online without lags, freezes and other side effects that severely annoying.

Even if you have tremendous speed and stabilisasi provider in the world, sure that something will happen – either fall website with the stream, or zaglyuchit the app or the advertising before the launch of the ether.

Or even a rat will gnaw through the cable and Hello. In short, you should always have 2-3 of the way in case of force majeure, otherwise you may miss important goals and get the hump.


I’m absolutely not prepared for the 2018 world Cup – at home I have no TV and stream I attended at exactly 17:30, that is, half an hour before the start of the tournament home.

Retell timing.

To find which channel show, 10 seconds. Opening got First – then everything should be quickly and simply (it seems).

Search the website of the First channel is 5 seconds.

The expectation of advertising is 30 seconds. Burned black screen – you might think that nothing will start, but for some reason I waited.

The first video is 15 seconds.

The gap between the VIDOS – 10 seconds of black screen.

The second promotional video – 5 seconds.

The famous black screen for about 10 seconds.

Freeze-frame from a stream of 5 seconds.

And after this video started.

It would seem that all took less than a minute, but waiting is very annoying.

First, it lacks a certain loading, which would have shown the guy, all right, now will stream, don’t go.

Second, I tested the same circuit for 5 minutes before the start of the match it was one and a half times longer. Therefore, the site of the First channel is better not to flirt, and go there early, to connect, and in any case not to close the tab.

Itself stream, by the way, went quite smoothly. Three short (5 seconds) hangs in 90 minutes – nothing. Besides, not the site down.

Therefore, the First gets 7 out of 10 points – well done, fine prepared for the world Cup.


The second method is “Match TV”. It’s all a circus. In the application, the impenetrable black screen. On the website too. I tested it with Wi-Fi, and LTE.

Now the funny thing: on the channel “Match TV” did not have the broadcast up in it, and the discussion in the Studio. I reached him about 10 attempts.

That is, the resources “Gazprom-media” is so dead that “Match” are unable to provide even air quality experts.

But! Stream of the game on this site was, it just well-hidden – probably to not hit the website. There pleased and commentators (they work for advanced readers, not for Housewives as in the First), and the picture, and the stability of the stream.

In General, for the infrastructure put 2 of the 10, and content – 9 of 10. The “Match”, by the way, now comes the project with “Rostelecom” – if you’re a customer, you can watch football in the divine quality. But they say there is still intermittent (probably correct).


At the end of the game with Arabia, I remembered the old and great app SPB TV. There is a directory of channels: press – looking, and no ads.

This time, at first everything went smoothly: the First start almost instantly. However, after 15 seconds the stream jerked, stopped and hovered. Rebooted apt – similarly. Gave a third chance – no, to no avail.

Perhaps this will continue, but there is a chance that affected the start-up hype and the matches level Panama Tunisia or Japan – Colombia SPB TV sarasam.

In the game Egypt and Uruguay, for example, ranged was much less.

What are the conclusions?

I thought everything will be worse, but it turned out quite well.

Top five rules:

1. Don’t give up because of black screens. Ping long now, it’s OK – the hype really mad;

2. Do not turn the browser with the stream on your smartphone – then with great probability will again have to watch the ads and wait, wait, wait;

3. Download SPB TV – this old app will be useful in any case, there is always run (although the stream is unstable);

4. Don’t count on the application “Match TV” games of the national team of Russia – it will fall;

5. Carefully study the website “Match TV” – there will always be links to the broadcast on the most prominent places.

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