In “Sheremetyevo” there was a Park “Yandex.Drive” area

Now everyone can rent a car in car-share “Yandex” immediately after the arrival to the airport “Sheremetyevo”. Just go to the covered Parking of the terminal D – reports

The Parking lot will be located twenty cars and, according to leaders of “Yandex”, it should help the users to quickly find a car service and easier to Park. In the case of lack of space, cars can be left in the common area.

Located next to the relaxation room will help you relax before or after a flight – for clients “Yandex.Drive”, it will be free, even if the car is parked on the main Parking lot. It will soon be able to drink coffee or water, if desired.

The company is now actively working to users “Yandex.Drive” was comfortable to come and go from the airport without using the Aeroexpress or taxi. For example, a toll road, the M11 to the city will cost clients at 20% off, and each vehicle will be integrated sensor of contactless payment.

According to “Yandex”, “Yandex.The drive” already over 2,000 machines available own multimedia and music company. The service is currently available only in Moscow, but will soon begin support of regions.

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