In Fortnite will add a new mode “Culinary battle”

Epic Games announced a new mode for Fortnite, “Recipe battle” that will be released along with today’s patch v6.30. Mode has a time limit, the goal for players is to defend your base and destroy the enemy.

In addition to the new game mode will receive the following updates:

  • Turret “battle Royal”

  • Help new turret and keep the enemy at a distance, keep in mind that with prolonged use, the turret overheats.
  • An improved interface.
  • The new six-shooter “Sentence” (“Battle Storm”).

General changes

  • “Sprint is enabled by default for all new players.
  • Optimized particle effects, including fixed with an invisible particle system.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Push-To-Talk (walkie-talkie) was terminated when you enter the menu or exit.
  • Fixed bug with selecting input and output for voice chat in the options menu, when multiple input devices or output, not the default.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons would occasionally cause the wrong texture.
  • Increased speed of data collection when sending feedback in the game.
  • Push-to-talk (walkie-talkie) now works in the menu if it is fixed for other mouse buttons except left and right.

Social functions

  • Improved separation and sorting order for the invitations to a group and add requests to friends.
  • The chat window automatically switches to team chat or group, when you join a team or group. Restored system message when you connect team members or groups.
  • Increased size of the expanded and minimized chat window.
  • Scroll bar of chat is no longer displayed when the chat is minimized.
  • Personal messages received with an open chat window the group or the team now appear on the same line in the current window.
  • With the exclusion of the player from the group, it no longer throws the current match or zone.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where invites sent to a friend with a PS4 that has not been other in Epic works not always, if a friend appeared on the network after you run the game.
  • Fixed too small or the wrong icons in some parts of the interface.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrectly transferred text chat with repeated opening and closing of the chat window.

It is worth Recalling that Fortnite has received this season, several major events, such as, Pets, Halloween and skins NFL players. Game from Epic Games has surpassed the number of the audience of its nearest competitor — PUBG, who is preparing to release on PS4.

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