In Instagram on iOS, you can now repost. No, it’s not ReGram

You can repost your entries only in accounts controlled personally. The update will be useful to companies, opinion leaders and anyone who manages multiple advertising platforms. Now the new feature is only available on iOS.

The innovation will save time of those who lead each campaign in several profiles. All you need to do to post is to select the desired account when you create a record. A company representative confirmed to journalists of the publication TechCrunch that the feature is available to all iOS users.

Recall that Instagram refuses to add a feature ReGram (repost analogue in other social networks) in the official app. In 2017, the founder of the social network Kevin Systrom, being at that time its General Director, said the company is focused on authenticity and relationships of users, and therefore refuses to add the function of reposting.

To fully realize the correctness of this position, imagine ReGram added your feed in Instagram has turned into a kind of ribbon in Vkontakte. However, in mid-October of 2018 Kevin Systrom and cofounder Mike Krieger left the company, so one can only guess how much the change platform, emerged from under the control of their creators. Now Instagram allows you to share posts of other users only through the service Stories.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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