Apple Watch Series 4 again saved the man’s life

The official launch function of the ECG for the Apple Watch Series 4 took place just over a month ago, but during this time it has already saved several lives.

It is reported that before Christmas one of the owners of smart hours from Apple discovered he had atrial fibrillation, after which it hurried into the emergency room.

According to Barry Maiden, he originally bought the Apple Watch to monitor their health after traumatic brain injury. His wife agreed with this reasoning, citing the detection of the fall in the device.

When he experienced what he initially felt “anxiety about Christmas plans,” Apple Watch Series 4 fixed atrial fibrillation.

After that, Barry double-checked the result with the application of ECG and went to the emergency room.

At the hospital, doctors performed another procedure ECG using professional equipment and confirmed developing health problems from the Maiden.

This is one of the last stories that illustrate the functions of the health-tracking Apple Watch, which, at the request of their owners, saved their lives.

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