In Pokémon Go for the first time will change the combat mechanics

In the popular game Pokémon Go from Niantic, based on the famous animated series, for the first time since the launch, the mechanics of the Pokémon battles will change significantly. Now players activate Charged Attack with quick tapes on the screen. This movement will be replaced by swipe. Fighting system will more resemble Fruit Ninja.

Among other changes is the Pokemon analysis system. The appearance of the attack, defense and HP (hit points) indicators will change – they will be shown in the form of filled scales. You can switch between pets by swiping right in the evaluation menu. You can also call a digital assistant to get feedback about the prospects of a Pokemon in battles.

While the update has been released only in the USA, it will appear in other regions in the coming days.

Pokémon Go did not officially go out in Russia for two years – until September 2018, but it could be installed on a smartphone with Android by downloading an APK file. Installation on the iPhone required a change of region.

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