The creators of Prisma launched a new social network Capture with search chat on photos

Prisma authors Alexey Moiseenkov and Aram Hardy launched the social network Capture, TechCrunch reports. Users can find group chats thanks to an artificial algorithm that processes location data, time, position in space and images on the camera screen.

The algorithm offers thematic chats after the user opens the camera in Capture and leads to the object of interest. You can create a chat yourself. So, if you point the camera at yourself, chat rooms are displayed or a suggestion to start a selfie-chat – a dialogue with a random user.

Capture has channels that only their owners can post to. Subscribers can comment if this feature is not disabled. The authors of the application hope to attract celebrities in this way.

While Capture is available only on iOS. To start using the application, it is enough to specify the username or e-mail, and, moreover, not necessarily personalized. Thus, developers retain the right to anonymity of the user. They note that geolocation data is used only to define chats and is stored for a short time.

Despite the concern for personal data, users are interested in finding thematic chats as quickly as possible. Capture relies on the desire of people to share information. Now chats for geolocation offers to create Telegram.

Alexey Moiseenkov and Aram Hardy created Prisma, which in 2016 became the app of the year according to the App Store and Google Play. Using neural networks, it can be used to stylize photos for works of famous artists.

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