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Most recently, in Russia it is the official Apple application Store through which to purchase equipment brand has become even easier. However, its capabilities are not limited, and one of the most important features of the program is the simplicity of applying for service. On how to get to “guarantee” the guru, your true dealer new gadgets to replace the failed one, we will cover in this article.

Around the Genius Bar, the special section in the Apple Store, where the elite of the company’s technical support, there are a lot of rumors and legends. However, for most users, the “geniuses” — they’re funny guys that are called upon to decide the fate of the failed for one reason or another “Apple” devices. Most importantly, however, is that the warranty or even after warranty appeal to the Genius Bar is a unique chance to get a new gadget is not only free, but also without the bureaucratic delays inherent in different kinds of partners and dealers. Many readers, as your humble servant, have seen this with my own experience.

So, to register in reception to the people in blue shirts, now you can use a proprietary program for iOS. To do this, open the app and go to the “Stores” that, subject to the permitted access to GPS will display the nearest facility. Also you can find it with a search or maps.


Once the “meeting place”, go directly to the recording process. Click on the Genius Bar icon, located under the description of the store in the section “Book”, and choose the product that encountered the problem.


The next step is to select the date and time. Here everything is familiar for devices from Apple — selectable values for the “revolving” scale. The last step — viewing and a reservation confirmation, then you will receive an email with various details.

Unfortunately, in Russia is that there are no Apple stores (Genius, really, in a way there). Nevertheless, many users seek help during an overseas trip, and I hope that this simple tip will help to remove a double benefit from your travels. Reliable you devices!

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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