Israeli singer wants a court to ban the use of her voice for Siri

The Israeli radio presenter and singer Galit Gur-Einie claims that Apple illegally used her voice for the voice of Siri. A woman has filed a lawsuit against Apple, demanding to forbid the company to use her voice in their products, and to pay compensation.

Voice góra, Einie was recorded in 2007, local company Nuance Communications, which specializiruetsya on artificial intelligence technologies and speech recognition. According to radio host, she gave consent to use the records only for legitimate cases.

A few years later the woman’s voice was used in the Navigator, Waze, and from 2016 in the iOS devices. The main complaint góra, Einie is that users are using Siri, force the assistant to say various sexual, racist and violent phrase in her voice.

In 2018, the woman appealed to Apple to discuss the issue of replacing the voices, but the company refused to do so. After unsuccessful negotiations, Gura-Einie decided to sue Apple.

An Apple representative said the company did nothing wrong, and voice recording was obtained legally and the woman has no rights of ownership on them.

“Her voice is Siri — not that other, as the syllables of the combined algorithm”, — added in the Apple.

Gura-Einie filed a lawsuit in the tel Aviv district court. It requires that Apple stopped using her voice and paid her 66 thousand dollars.

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