Main missed. Why is the keyboard — the mandatory purchase for iPad Pro

On the eve of WWDC 2018 and the release of new tablets, we remind you why the Smart Keyboard is an indispensable addition to the iPad Pro.

In November 2017, Apple released one of the most provocative commercials. His main character is a girl who will not part with their iPad Pro. When the mother asks her what she’s doing at the computer, she is puzzled, asked: “Whats a computer?”.

People, this innocent remark openly grazed. IPad Pro again rolled unreasonable wave of criticism over the inability to replace, for example, a laptop. But when the scandal died down, the surface have two conclusions. First: nobody knows what a “real” computer. Second, the iPad Pro is great, but only with the keyboard.

Keyboard makes media browser from the computer

What is a computer? At the dawn of the iPhone it’s also called a pocket computer — but to the present, and live a more truthful name smartphone.

The is Apple, simply winking hints at the meaninglessness of this question. The company pushes us to think — to think about definitions no longer need. The era of “post-PC” has come. But it is a marketing half-truth.

I use very streamlined, but it seems to be a stable formulation. The computer is geared for creation, not consumption, of content. This is his shtick, value and relevance.

Now look at the iPad Pro. No keyboard is the perfect media browser. It is difficult to find a more suitable device for surfing the net, watching TV shows, photos or games in the mobile strategy. In General, to obtain the prefix Pro, just for this tablet and good. Gradually, the situation began to cut sales to upgrade to an advanced frame at a high price no one wanted.

iPad Pro keyboard is another matter. To read it is already uncomfortable. Watching movies is also easier without the Smart Keyboard. The logic is clear: with the physical keys you need to create content. If you do not take into account of artists for whom taxis Apple Pencil, all end users can be sure that the iPad is a computer.

We discuss possibilities of applications

Printing on iPad without Smart Keyboard — a dubious pleasure. Moreover, it is inferior (especially on the largest model), and reduces the useful area of the screen. When half the space is the touch of a button, meaning huge the display a bit.

The tablet detaches from the keyboard — the situation changes radically. The screen clears, and the application is put to them. The text editor? Need to flip through each paragraph. Task-Manager? All entries fit on one screen. The mail client? To clear the Inbox at a glance.

Is changing the feeling of the system itself. It no longer seems so mobile, always hamstrung by the restrictions. iOS in a similar format — just a different shell to perform tasks. And this is another reference to the “computerization” of the tablet.

The perfect typewriter

Of course, this computerization will not suit everyone. I can only tell about their experiences. iPad Pro keyboard — the perfect companion for a person who works with text. Factors several.

For a start, ultra-portability, which can not compete even twelve-inch MacBook. Version of the tablet is 10.5 inches here looks particularly profitable: the screen is already big and the size is still perfect. To bring such a device can, literally, walk, and take a text at any time.

The second point — quality apps. Mobile software looks great, supports multi-tasking, drag and drop files, images and text between programs, continuously updated. My favorite programs (Bear, Ulysses, Things), just no difference with desktop versions. And then how can I say that the iPad Pro is not a computer?

Moreover, bribe strong exclusives. For example, a new word processor Drafts, which can be very subtle to automate. Client for macOS from Drafts just yet — and this is a big loss. In addition, returning to the desktop the system is perceived in such a scenario of use, even overkill. The simplicity of iOS is captivating.

New life hacks

Smart Keyboard learns. Not myself, of course, and thanks to the reinvention of the former functions. There are several illustrative examples:

  • To Configure Spotlight. Search on the iPhone I used reluctantly, and iPad Pro changed everything. The trick is this: you need to go to settings and disable the search for apps that clutter up the results. If you leave the only working software, Spotlight, along with a comfortable keyboard set, comes to life.
  • To learn the shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are great to save efforts and time. We just learned over the years of using computers. But touch screens have no access to them, and the iPad Pro — no. If you just hold on Smart Keyboard Command button, a window will appear with available in-app keyboard combinations. To learn or remember has never been so easy.
  • To print for Siri. The strange but amazingly useful case. In the settings of “Universal access” you can change the way to interact with Siri instead of voice to text. With a physical keyboard, the second option helps: the voice assistant becomes an intelligent software line. And unlike speech recognition, errors are easy to avoid. In addition, the loss of the opportunity to talk with Siri on the tablet — not so tragic. Likely always have an iPhone on which everything is still.
  • It’s time once again to try iPad

    Now is the time to look at the budget and allocate the money to upgrade to a tablet + keyboard purchase. Apple almost certainly will show a new model at WWDC. Insiders are predicting them edge-to-edge screen, support Face ID. Nothing of the benefits above this will not spoil, on the contrary, appear devices will become even steeper. And might make you ask: “What is a computer?”.

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