Nintendo officially announced Switch Lite

Rumors about the new version of the Nintendo Switch went long ago: fans were waiting for a more powerful and more affordable option. On July 10, the announcement of the new Switch – Lite took place in Nintendo social networks.

According to the manufacturer, Switch Lite is designed to find the game: the console has become lighter, the screen has decreased, but retained the resolution of 720p.

Connecting to the TV will not work anymore, Joycon, HD-vibration and infrared have also disappeared. The controllers are integrated into the console, and the buttons have changed a bit: for example, the D-Pad has returned to its classic configuration.

Joystick from the flagship console can be connected to Lite – for games that support local multiplayer. Library games consoles in common.

The new console is made of matte plastic and will be available in three colors: yellow, gray and turquoise. The company did not specify the price of the device.

Earlier, Chinese accessories manufacturers have revealed what the new Nintendo console will look like.

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