What you need to know about macOS Catalina. First, we do not recommend downloading it yet.

June 3 Apple introduced
the next version of macOS is called Catalina (in honor of the resort island of Santa Catalina in California). Beta version for developers is already available. The final release will take place in the fall.

One of the key innovations of macOS Catalina is the Sidecar feature. It turns the iPad into an extra display. Previously, this had to use third-party solutions – for example, Duet Display worth 1,150 rubles. Now it is enough to have a tablet with iPadOS (another new WWDC) and a computer with macOS Catalina. Use case: edit images using the Apple Pencil on iPad, and all changes occur on the Mac screen.

Project Catalyst – allows developers to easily port iOS and iPadOS applications on Mac. This has long dreamed of developers. For magic to happen, simply tick the appropriate menu item.

On the Mac, control of screen time appeared. You will be able to track and limit the time you spend on certain applications – just as you do on devices on iOS 12.

Voice control will allow people with disabilities to interact with macOS Catalina using voice commands.

As intended
the iTunes era has come to an end. Now in macOS there are three separate applications – Music, Podcasts and TV. All connected devices are displayed in the Finder. It is curious that Windows iTunes will continue and even, most likely, will be updated.

Improved built-in applications "Photos", "Notes," Reminders ", QuickTime Player and several others. As in iOS, macOS now has an authorization option on all sites using the Apple ID profile.

In addition, Apple finally abandoned ske-morphism in macOS 10.15, removing the Dashboard panel.

Note that the first beta version of the new system is designed for developers. Works is not quite stable. Some developers have already encountered the problem of DualBoot: the computer started to load Catalina and Mojave at the same time, which leads to memory failure and incorrect display of free space. Also, many applications do not work with macOS Catalina. If you are not a developer, but just curious, we recommend that you do not download this version

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