Once again Kevin was left home alone, but this time with Google Assistant

We all grew up as Kevin McCallister from “home Alone”. 28 years after the release of the cult film, Google decided to recreate some moments with a modern twist.

In 1990, there were no smart phones, no smart watches, no, especially voice assistants with artificial intelligence. The plot Kevin, played by Mikkola Culkin, was left home alone at Christmas and amuse themselves as any normal child of that time used the shaving foam to his father, jumping on beds, eating everything and watching movies about gangsters. It is these fragments and inspired marketers Google on the creation of a commercial video titled “home alone Again with Google Assistant”.

After 28 years of grown-up Kevin is again left home alone, but like any modern man, he actively uses various gadgets, and the house of the family McCallister equipped with a voice assistant Google.

The Corporation of good were able to recreate all the scenes in the smallest details, except that now Kevin is just thinking aloud, and communicates with the assistant Google.

Enthusiasts have compared the original video 1990 with a new interpretation and shared this video in YouTube.

If you haven’t managed to watch “home Alone”, make sure you take time this Christmas.

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Clifton Nichols

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