Pixel 3 shared the title of best smartphone with one camera

Experts site DxOMark rated the quality of shooting Pixel 3. Smartphone tied for first place in the rating of devices with a single camera.

Rivals rating was iPhone XR, who also scored 101 points in the tests. Among the advantages of Pixel specialists DxOMark called fast autofocus and detail shots. It also exhibits good pictures when you use flash and additional lighting sources. Among the shortcomings of the Google smartphone has allocated a high level of noise and unnatural colors in low-light conditions.

In total, the camera Pixel 3 scored 103 points for the photo and 98 points for the video. It is noteworthy that the iPhone XR the results are a bit worse ā€” 103 points for photos and 96 points for the video. However, experts DxOMark found the differences were small and put both smartphones in the first place.

In the overall mobile phones, with no limit on the number of cameras continues to lead Huawei P20 Pro. He bypassed the iPhone XS Max with a score of 109 to 105 points.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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