Prices in the App Store can grow sooner than you think

The price of apps in the App Store can grow from January 1, 2017. A letter about the price increase in Russia for next year yesterday sent to users and application developers, Google, followed a similar act can make and Apple.

In June 2016, the state Duma adopted a law on the so-called “tax on Google” — he obliges foreign IT-companies to pay VAT from the sale of digital content, software, services, storage and processing of information in Russia. Despite the name, the law affects not only Google, but Apple, Microsoft and other large corporations.

Google has warned users about the inclusion of VAT in the price of the service “Google Drive”, and the developers sent a letter which explains that the tax will be added to all paid applications and built-in purchases, write “Vedomosti”. And no matter where the developers themselves — in Russia or, for example, in France.

Unfortunately, soon on the same step has to go and the Russian representative office of Apple — LLC “Apple Rus”. The company must register with the Russian tax service and to pay VAT from the sale of content in Russia. This will affect not only the App Store and iTunes store, as well as the cost of “cloud” storage iCloud.

While Apple has not commented on the execution of the law on “tax on Google”.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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