Siri on HomePod answered 74% of the 800 questions

Analyst gene Munster from Loup Ventures has tested four voice assistant: Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Assistant. To this end, he asked 800 questions in five different categories.

The test used column HomePod Apple, Google Home Mini, Amazon Echo and Harmon Kardon Invoke. Each assistant was asked 800 questions. According to Loup Ventures, a set of questions was developed for “comprehensive testing capabilities and usefulness of smart speakers” on the basis of five categories:

  • Local queries
  • Commercial requests
  • Navigation
  • Information requests
  • Team

Siri was able to correctly answer 74.6% of the questions, which is a notable progress compared with 52.3 percent in early 2018. Better Siri coped with the task only Google Assistant, which is answered correctly by 87.9% of the questions. Alexa and Cortana answered correctly only 72.5% and 63,4% respectively.

Good results Munster explained the updates that have expanded the functionality of the HomePod and allowed to make the calls to amend the calendar to set multiple timers and to search for songs by lyrics. Besides, Siri is integrated with Apple Maps, which allows it to answer more questions compared to Alexa and Cortana.

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