Sony will increase production of the modules of 3D cameras for Apple

A new report by Quint Bloomberg reported that Sony plans to launch a series of sensors for 3D cameras in the next year. This is due to increasing interest in technologies from major customers, including Apple.

Japanese technical firm is ramping up production as the basic modules and front-facing 3D cameras, as well as working on separate software tools for developers so they can create three-dimensional images.

One of the main examples of the technology of 3D cameras is the sensor TrueDepth Apple used in the iPhone X and newer smartphones. These cameras can analyze the depth of objects and create three-dimensional maps of the face or the entire body.

In 2015 Sony will have relatively small revenues from the sale of conventional camera modules.

It is unknown whether the demand on the technology of Sony as the company predicts it. Annual global smartphone sales fell 3% in 2018, and in 2019 is expected to increase only 2.6%, which is also likely to affect the future strategy of the Japanese brand.

Also in April it became known about Apple’s plans for the development of AR/VR headset, capable of delivering a resolution of 16K without reference to iPhone or Mac. Regardless of whether this product was ever released with cupertinos, it is clear that the Corporation is interested in 3D technologies for the development of augmented reality.

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