The Android app developer is suing Apple because of the name Memoji

Thursday, September 27, against Apple was filed. The reason was the use of the trademark Memoji, which formerly belonged to the developers of the same app on Android.

The complaint, filed in U.S. District court for the Northern district of California, stated that Apple Memoji used to describe the features of the iPhone X and XS, violates the rights of same trademark ā€“ “MEMOJI”, which is currently used by Android app developer, Social Tech.

According to the lawsuit, Social Tech has applied for trademark MEMOJI in April 2016, but before registration has been issued, Apple has decided to go to the trick.

App maker claims that Apple created a subsidiary company called “Memofun Apps LLC” to buy “forgotten and abandoned” app called “Memoji”. The deal was reached, and Memofun Apps LLC transferred the rights to Apple Memoji 4 June 2018, the same day the Corporation announced a new feature for iOS at WWDC.

“Apple has violated all laws, and from the day of its announcement, led to the fact that Social Tech lost control of your brand: if you search Google or YouTube to enter MEMOJI, all results will be associated with Apple,” the complaint States.

Exacerbating the situation and the similarity between the functionality of the two products sold under the brands “Memoji” and “MEMOJI”. Both are means of messaging.

It is worth noting that in the Google Play store has many applications that use “Memoji” in the metadata search request and at least seven include the term directly in the title.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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