The “Classmates” will be cashback

Soon, users of social network “Odnoklassniki” will be able to receive compensation for the purchase of certain goods in the real world. It is reported

The "Classmates" will be cashback

The reward will be the currency in the “Classmates” – “Oka”. It’s not the money and spend it will be available only in the official application of social network for Android and iOS to stickers, games and other trifle.

In order to get them, you need to make a purchase in the offline store, scan a special bar code on the receipt and wait until its verify their purchases. It may take about a day, after which the user will get the coveted cashback.

Its maximum amount may not exceed 50 “Shackles”. All the suggestions and special collections will be in a separate section of the application “Services and coupons.” It was there that everyone can choose for themselves the appropriate action.

Advertisers wishing to participate in the cashback promotions, will be able to place their offers on myTarget. Their value will determine the auction, taking into account all the costs and the cashback, and the advertisement will appear in their news feeds.

It is reported that the service will evolve over time, and the developers and the administration of “Classmates” are already thinking about the introduction of cashback in the form of real money. Today it is – all the available information. Nothing like dates and names are not disclosed.

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