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At the end of the year, as a rule, it is accepted to sum up. So we already told you about the best apps by Apple and and touched on gaming topics. But do not forget about the internal kitchen of our website and decided to make a compilation of the five most popular articles of the year 2016.

The most-read article this year was about and a brief review of the iOS updates 10. It just so happened that our readers are watching with interest anything related to the mobile operating system of Apple. The release of each new beta version always causes interest.

In second place was the manual, which you can upload to Instagram earlier Stories pictures and videos. Only recently, by the way, asked this question, most likely, you will wonder if you didn’t know.

It would be strange if this list did not get our complete guide to use Apple Pay in Russia. Payment service launched in Russia in October-November this year — one of the main reason.

The winner of the fourth place is not relevant, but to analyze his appearance in our list. This article “How to roll back iOS 10”: immediately after installing the system, many wanted to go back to iOS 9.3.2, this applies mainly to beta versions.

The five of leaders closes the post about the point of buying iPhone 5s in 2016. Should do this or not — can learn here. However, if you want to buy a smartphone this year, you should hurry.

This is one of the most popular articles of the year on Of course, none of this would have been possible without you, our dear readers. Stay with us and we will make the history of our website and more!

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