The patent Troll has filed a lawsuit against Apple for using the technology of AirDrop

Appleinsider reported that the company Unilok after a month break, again called for Apple to answer. This time the lawsuit concerns patents related to methods of providing authentication for a number of wireless protocols, including Bluetooth.

Invented by Jonathan Griffiths U.S. patent No. 7,136,999 for “Method and system for authentication an electronic device”, describes in detail the options for creating a safe environment for data transfer between two devices.

According to the requirement of the patent, the initial authentication procedure is performed according to a short wireless link. The device can share the source information for the connection ā€” the key or password via the additional communication line. The USPTO has given the grant of the patent “999” in 2006, and Unilock has awarded him in July 2018 and is now trying to use it to win money from Apple for using AirDrop.

AirDrop was introduced in OS X 10.7 Lion in 2011 and is an external Protocol designed to facilitate transferring large files from one device to another. Originally developed to connect two Macs via Wi-Fi, the service first appeared in OS X Finder. Launch AirDrop allow two Macs to quickly create an ad hoc connection without the need for passwords or complicated network setup.

Apple later expanded and modified AirDrop to use it in iOS 7 in 2013. Unlike the old technology, the updated version uses a dual-channel structure, which uses Bluetooth to detect and connect to devices and Wi-Fi to transfer files.

This is not the first case of lawsuits from Unilock in the direction of Apple. Up to this patent Troll has been accused by the Maps app, Apple ID, remote software update, AirPlay, battery technologies, sensors Wake-up, tracking steps, the app Apple TV Remote and GPS in the Apple Watch.

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