The Pocket app has a new design and updated feature to listen to text

Service for deferred reading Pocket received first major redesign since 2012. The app is also updated the function “Text to speech”, which now makes articles mini-podcasts.

The seventh version of the Pocket has become more minimalistic. As before, the application has the light and night theme, but apart from them, there is a third ā€” Sepia, which replaces the white color to yellow, like old pages. Themes can be changed automatically depending on the brightness of the screen.

In the app on iOS was updated fonts. The free version uses two new font ā€” Blanco and Graphik. Blanco does not support the Cyrillic alphabet.

The new design focuses on the listening of the articles. Before the Pocket was used own mechanism to convert the text into audio, but now the company has integrated the technology Amazon Polly, which does the same thing, but much better (Russian language is supported). Appeared in Pocket player, which resembles a typical app for podcasts. In the player a button to accelerate, rewind, and pause. Instead of a book cover is the title picture of the article.

The new version of Pocket is already available in the App Store and Google Play. About updating the web version, unknown.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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