A source at Foxconn announced details about iPhone 8, Siri Speaker, AR-glasses and the Apple keyboard E-ink in the new MacBook

While some analysts assert that Apple has reached the limit, while others argue that the iPhone 8 will push the capitalization of the company to new heights, close to the company sources continue to share insider information about the impending announcement of the product. On the popular Internet forum Reddit Foxconn employee reported a set of insights about the iPhone 8, the “smart” column Speaker Siri, new iMac and the keyboard E-ink in future MacBook models.

For the beginning user, who calls himself Foxconninsider touched a new anniversary flagship Apple. At the moment there is no consensus about where it will be the fingerprint scanner of the iPhone 8. According to the drawings allegedly obtained directly from Foxconn, the scanner will move to the rear panel, although other schematic images, the scanner can not be seen. The source claims to have seen the iPhone 8 at the stage of engineering test (EVT) in January of this year and the gadget was not the Touch ID sensor on the rear panel. The smartphone has received an updated body with the use of glass and a thin frame around the screen.

We are talking about one of the early prototypes of the iPhone 8, therefore, the design of the device may change. The insider is sure that the smartphone will not be a fingerprint scanner at the rear, although this does not mean that Apple will integrate Touch ID in the display panel.

As for Siri Speaker, it is expected that Apple will introduce a “smart” column on 5 June at WWDC 2017. The device, according to him, will resemble a smaller version of the workstation Mac Pro. The company tested several design options, including a camera and a display. According to the latest reports, Siri Speaker of the first generation will not turn on either.

About the updated iMac 2017 it is known that they will retain the design of the current models. The changes apply only to hardware. The new design combined the user is expected in 2018. In the design of the iMac, the next generation “will be applied more glass, the computers will be dark, almost black body.” On the back panel there will be a glowing Apple logo at the expense of panel micro-LED.

MacBook this year also waiting for an upgrade on the level of performance. But in 2018, Apple is planning to introduce the device, the dynamic keyboard through the use of small displays on the basis of E-Ink technology. This will quickly change the image of any symbols on the keys. Top row of function buttons will continue to be represented OLED panel is Touch Bar. Similar redesign is waiting for an external keyboard Magic Keyboard 2018.

In addition to smartphones and computers, Apple is working on augmented reality glasses, says Foxconninsider. Now the device is in the early stages of testing. The gadget should be out in 2019 and to “modules, bone conduction, some microphones, a built-in battery and a prism to display information on the user’s eyes”. AR glasses will be Apple to Supplement the real environment with digital information and images, using augmented reality technologies.

To put optics for Apple to be a German manufacturer. From smart glasses will be the built-in microphone for voice input and accelerometer for fixing the movement. Insider indicates that the glasses will be able to determine the movement of the human head ā€“ tilting and shaking ā€“ and will feature a touch-sensitive strip for controlling volume and answering calls.

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