Apple patents a system of protection against spam calls

New Apple patent describes a way iPhone users in the future will be able to protect themselves from unpleasant calls, whethe r it is fraud or bothersome unwanted advertising, according to Appleinsider.

Despite the fact that there are different ways to block unpleasant recurring challenges, for example, using blacklists, I still have options to get around restrictions.

One of them is the replacement of the phone number. The spammers are trying to make it so that receiving a call the caller is seen on the screen is not a real number and fictional. Simulation allows calls to bypass the blocking system, and also does not allow the user to see the actual source of the call before you answer. In these calls the victim most likely answer, especially if imaginary numbers familiar region code, trust company or state Agency.

As indicated in patent documents, Apple’s new system will try to analyze the technical data of incoming calls to determine whether they are real or under them disguised spam. Also, the system can identify the forwarded to the Internet calls that hide behind fake caller ID “on the wire”. Once the challenge is defined, the system displays a warning to the user that an incoming call can be dangerous or adware.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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