To build a new Apple campus use of 3,000 glass panels, the heaviest weighs more than 3 tons [video]

Although the construction of Apple Campus 2 being pretty secretive, some details still get on the Internet. According to Popular Science, have access to the documents submitted by company to city authorities, Cupertino, a new headquarters Apple uses 10-foot glass panels, the heaviest of which weighs more than 3 tons.

As expected, the futuristic Apple campus will occupy a total area of 700 000 square meters. The main 4-storey circular building will be made of curved glass, concrete and steel, and can take 14 200 employees.

Apple Campus 2 will not be visible from adjacent streets, which would seem to contradict the amount of money and effort that the company puts into the design of this new complex. However, the area for review will allow visitors to campus to enjoy the view of the main building of the new headquarters of Apple, in the shape of a spaceship.

The publication cited a few interesting facts about Apple Campus 2:

  • 700 000 sq. m. total area that will take a new Apple campus.
  • 115 000 sq. m square glass panels.
  • 3000: the number of glass panels used for the construction of the campus.
  • 3.2 tons: the weight of the large vertical glass panels.
  • 4300: the amount of concrete needed for the floor and ceiling.
  • 27 tons: the weight of the heavy concrete slabs.
  • 75%: the percentage necessary for the operation of renewable energy, which will develop the campus in the daytime.
  • 16 mW: the amount of solar energy that will produce solar panels on the roof.
  • 5 billion: the estimated total cost of the project.

To finish the construction of Apple Campus 2 plan before the end of 2016. At the beginning of 2017 there will move Apple employees and will open room for presentations of new products of the company.

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Clifton Nichols

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