Top 5 best tweaks for iPhone jailbreak

Despite the fact that jailbreak for iOS 12 not out, it is available for earlier versions, including iOS 11. In Cydia tweaks a lot, so we have selected some of the best.


Most modern iPhone support 3D Touch technology, which performs different actions on severe depression. For example, clicking on the application icon, showing quick action.

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow users to customize actions in the 3D menu Touch. But it is able to do Better3DMenus.

The tweak allows you to change the location of elements, the degree of background blur when working 3D Touch menu appearance and also hide the “Share”.



This tweak adds a 3D simulation of a Touch on devices that do not support this technology. The principle is the same as the iPhone XR — instead of the strong pressing used for long. Force3DAppShortcuts can be used in tandem with Better3DMenus.


Priority — $ 0.99

In iOS 12 Apple has improved the notifications work, but if you get a lot of notification, important notification, you can still lose. To avoid this, there is a Priority tweak, which adds a system of “Priority notifications”.

In its parameters you can configure for each app which the notification system should be considered a priority. Users can also change the behavior of notification priority — for example, to assign more vibration and enable their display in the mode “do Not disturb”.


Ultrasound — 1.99 dollar

iOS is often criticized for the large window of sound changes. Android smartphones have long elegantly hide the volume slider, and iOS shows it in the middle of the screen. Ultrasound corrects this deficiency.

The tweak changes the appearance of the window and moves it to the left the volume button. In the settings of the Ultrasound, you can choose the theme, set the timeout period and feedback through vibration.



Beginning iPhone X, Apple released smartphones with curved displays. It looks unusual, and thanks to twice Cornuicopia, this effect can be added to other phones.

In the settings of the tweak is the ability to choose what elements will be rounded and which are not. In addition, for each item, you can select individual radius.


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