Top 5 free apps for those who love to travel

Are you going to travel during the Christmas holidays? Especially for you we have made a selection of travel apps that can come in handy on the trip.

Fitness AR

The application is completely built on a three-dimensional graph. It is perfect for lovers of Hiking or Cycling. The user can choose the location and direct the smartphone on a flat surface: in the display device are reflected three-dimensional model of the terrain which he chose, and the route by which there can move. The application can be downloaded at this link.

World Clock Time Widget

One of the main things to remember are going to travel is the local time. Built in iPhone clock to cope with this task, but sometimes it’s easier to use third-party software. So you can do this with World Clock, Time Widget, in which different cities can be renamed to those names that you are comfortable. The clock can also be placed in the “notification Center” to always know what time is it now in another part of the world. The program can be downloaded for free here.

Paris Travel Guide

To use the Internet abroad is not always convenient, and sometimes even expensive. For this reason, the best way is to upload to iPhone offline application, which will and maps (including metro map), and the most important sights of the city. In addition to Paris, there are other cities, such as Amsterdam. Download offline travel guide here.

Universal Doctor Speaker

What could be worse than an accident abroad? If you get sick without Universal Doctor Speaker can not do: it has 17 languages, which will help to explain to the doctors what is wrong with your health. Select the desired phrase help image tips. Download this medical assistant in App Store.


Weather around the world in an iPhone that will be useful in any journey. Especially in this program stands out of the graph: the user can simply study the planet, choosing the necessary city. After clicking on the desired point of the world displayed detailed weather report: the temperature and atmospheric pressure until the level of humidity and wind speed. The application can be downloaded at the link.

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