Top 5 free games in the App Store

Talk about five games that you can buy in the App Store for free Dec 2, 2019.


Regular price Blobula is 459 rubles, but December 2, 2019 can be purchased for free. The aim of the player is to save the life of the fictional ecosystem. On the smartphone screen the user can discover many clouds (droplets) to be connected to each other by color. Linking every player gets points. The resulting group of clouds can break up, in her behaviour to respond to a variety of things – from the virus to radiation. The game can be downloaded at this link.

Stickman Cliff Diving

Stylistically, the game resembles Doodle Jump. The user plays a drawn man who jumps off a cliff. At each level there are various conditions and new places to jump, but the player’s task remains the same: the user needs to come up with the most interesting pose in which the man jump into the water. The more creative made the jump, the more points you earn. You can download it for free here.


Puzzle game in which every action of the player affects the continuation of the story. The character of the game trying to get out of the cave, and you need to find the right path. When you exit the game, the user will receive notifications – a unique message that he allegedly wrote and sent himself Wesley, the hero of the puzzle. In [Under], it is possible to play without Internet connection, the game requires a mandatory in-app purchases. You can buy it on the link.

Streets of Rage 2 Classic

Game from SEGA, stylistically completely replicates the design and graphics of the games of the nineties. In fact, it continues the spirit of the past with street fights without rules. Learning new techniques, the user assembles a team of soldiers, ready to fight crime fictional city. To purchase the game for free at this link.


The main character hope is the capital of a totalitarian state. In the story, the user, having a surveillance system should help her out and save his life. As befits the style of dystopia, the heroine needs to fight those who restrict her freedom, using the weapons and skills of self-defense. Republique can be purchased in the App Store.

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