What will be the iPhone in 2019

Presentation of the new iPhone, likely to be held in the fall of 2019. We have collected all the information about the future of the smartphone to understand how he can be.

As noted by many bloggers, iPhone 2019, will likely get triple the camera. It primarily indicates the trend that appeared in the mobile industry after the iPhone X in 2017. Huawei, Samsung and many other smartphone manufacturers use more cameras in their devices and make this a special rate, advertising gadget to potential buyers.

Another argument in favor of the theory about triple the camera in the iPhone can be iPhone the example XR. When compared to the XS and XS Max revealed that single-camera XR may not always make a good shot in low light. If the XS is this problem can solve the second lens, XR such there is no helper. From this we can conclude that a larger number of cameras helps to improve the quality of the pictures.

New form factor – that you expect iPhone users the most. It’s possible that Apple uses design, familiar to us from the iPhone 5, presenting in 2019, the smartphone with more sharp edges than the iPhone XS and XR. Forms of gadget can also recall the new iPad Pro, which, by the way, in 2018 also changed their style, becoming more “square”.

The introduction of the Apple Pencil for iPhone could also be a nice decision for users. The network has already appeared rumors about the possibility of stylus support, what’s more, according to bloggers, this touch pen can be hidden in your iPhone. Will Apple risk it, given that a separate port for the stylus may significantly burden the device is not clear yet.

One of the most interesting questions connected with the future iPhone, is the appearance of its display. It is obvious that “bangs”, which, although looks quite simple, will soon go into oblivion. One possible solution may be a cutout for the microphone and front camera at the top of the display. Although they will take place on the screen, but much smaller than the notorious “blind”.

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Clifton Nichols

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