Five smartphones, the release of which we expect in 2019

Planned to open in 2019 releases Samsung Galaxy S10, the new iPhone and many other gadgets. We’ve gathered the five most interesting new products, the premiere of which we look forward to next year.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Flagship smartphone from Samsung to be released in February 2019. Rumors about him most: journalists were reported by six major chambers, and a round cutout for the front camera on the display. However, at the moment it is expected to only two things: Galaxy S10 will be released in several versions, one of which will support 5G network. And the design of the smartphone is unlikely to be as innovative as promised earlier insiders: judging from the images published by GizmoChina, the device will largely resemble the Note 8.

iPhone 2019

The release of the new iPhone will take place in fall 2019, which is traditionally for Apple. The main intrigue – will the new smartphone a gradient color, which became known after the discovery by journalists of the patent images. In addition, many bloggers believe that the iPhone 2019 will receive triple the main camera, and will lose the famous “bangs” at the top of the display.

Google Pixel 4

The most controversial phablet on the market will also receive the update in 2019. Probably he, like iPhone in 2018 and the coming Samsung Galaxy S10 will get several different versions, one of which on the sizes will be between the normal Pixel and the XL version. The release device may be held in October 2019. Users hope that the device will get completely redesigned, and Google itself will expand the geography of sales of your device.

OnePlus 7T

All, why wait for the OnePlus users, there is huge changes in both the design and technical characteristics of the smartphone. Each new generation is not much different from its predecessor, OnePlus would cost to change this concept in the development of a new generation of smartphone. Probably it will be presented in January or may of 2019. According to rumors, the device may receive support 5G network and fingerprint sensor located inside the display. Lose your smartphone “bangs” are not yet known.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Release date Chinese flagship – October 2019. Details very little about him, however, it is known that the device will receive updated camera (up to 40 megapixels in total with the two lenses) developed together with Leica, as well as predictable support 5G. It is expected that the smartphone will support two SIM-cards.

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