Top 5 interesting tweaks for iPhone jailbreak

Despite the fact that jailbreak for iOS 12 not out, it is available for earlier versions, including iOS 11. In Cydia tweaks a lot, so we have selected some of the best.

Dark GMaps ā€” $ 1.1

Google Maps automatically switches to dark theme at night during the navigation so as not to strain the eyes of drivers. But unlike “Yandex.Cards”, dark theme is not available in all application.

Tweak corrects this deficiency and allows you to use Google Maps in a fully dark mode. Users can choose a topic from the suggested or create your own. Dark GMaps supports Google Maps 5.4 and later.

SmartTap X 2.29 dollar

In 2014, he published the tweak SmartTap, which allows to configure different actions for touch and gestures. SmartTap X is the same tweak that now supports the iPhone X.

By using SmartTap X, you can customize the Wake on double tap on the lock screen or launch the camera by swiping your finger from top to bottom.

Have tweak a lot of settings, which include changing parameters such as when the screen is locked and active. The only negative SmartTap X is associated with the ongoing work of the tweak from the lock display. Because of this, the phone begins to actively consume battery power.


In iOS 12 Apple reworked the notification system, adding the grouping of alerts. Although this feature initially available only for iOS 12, you can add it to iOS devices 11.

StackXI works on the same principle as the grouping of notifications on iOS 12: if some application sends a lot of notifications, they are combined into one group.

From the tweak has no settings, so it is activated immediately after installation.

PrivaSee ā€” 1,49 dollar

This tweak adds a password on any app and erodes notice. To unlock content, you use Touch ID or Face ID.

In the settings PrivaSee you can choose which apps will be protected, to customize the blur effect and turn off the activation of the display upon receipt of the notification.

Amour ā€” $ 2.5

One of the reasons why installing a jailbreak is the possibility of a full customization system. Amour changes the speed of locking and unlocking the screen. In addition, you can adjust the effect to unlock the smartphone screen.

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