Very powerful and wildly expensive: what you need to know about the new Mac Pro

On June 3, the non-annual conference for WWDC developers ( has traditionally led the live broadcast) Apple announced a new Mac Pro – for the first time since 2013.

Unlike the previous model, which resembled an office bin in its shape, the new Mac Pro is assembled in a classic shape case. It feels continuity with respect to Mac Pro 2006 and PowerMac G5.

In a special video, Apple Design Director Johnny Ive talked about the main engineering solutions: a raised grille on the front panel with a special three-dimensional texture, a stainless steel frame and the ability to install wheels for transportation. The body can be disassembled in one simple motion – just turn the handle on top. Mac Pro is not prone to problems with overheating due to three large coolers and a large number of radiators.

What is the most powerful Apple computer inside?

up to 1.5 TB of RAM (12 slots provided);

28-core 56-line Intel Xeon W;

up to 4 TB SSD;

up to four GPUs (up to 500 W) with MPX module: you can stream three streams at once to 8K;

1.4 kW power supply;

eight PCI Express slots.

The Verge employees shared their feelings about the new Mac Pro: at the end of WWDC, they were shown new computers in action, but they were not allowed to touch them. Journalists claim that even the basic version of Mac Pro – worth $ 5,999 – gives the impression of one of the most powerful machines for editing and editing video.

Mac Pro Couple makes up a new monitor – Pro Display XDR

The 32-inch 6K display with a resolution of 6016×3384 pixels is equipped with three USB-C ports and one Thunderbolt 3. The cost of the monitor itself is $ 4,999 ($ ​​5,999 for the version with an innovative anti-reflective coating). To fully use the Pro Display XDR, you will have to purchase the Pro Stand vertical stand ($ 999) and the VESA mount ($ 199).

A set of Mac Pros in top configuration and Pro Display XDR, according to calculations by The Verge, will cost at least $ 35,000.

The new Apple computer will go on sale in the fall of 2019. Russian prices have not yet been announced.

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