Top 5 headphones from AliExpress to replace the EarPods

Often pay attention to the dongles, they are the same adapters with 3.5 mm Jack Lightning, the passengers of public transport and the metro. Apparently, the experiment Apple forced to transfer all user to wireless technology, to put it mildly, failed. In this article we have gathered 5 of wired headphones from AliExpress to replace the EarPods.

OnePlus Bullets V2

Earphones from smartphone manufacturer OnePlus with concise design available in two colors: black and gold. The ear Bullets well designed low frequencies — perfect for fans of hip-hop and electronic genres. The headphone provided remote control to adjust the volume, switch tracks and answer calls. Specifications: impedance — 24 Ohms frequency range — 20-20, 000 Hz.

Buy from 1203р.

FiiO F3

In-ear headphones, as the producer said, “monitor type” is in my opinion slightly do not reach the “monitors” at the expense of slightly embellished bass line. In F3 is equally good music of any genre from Post Malone to Despised Icon. Included with the headphones are three interchangeable pads: black, blue and red colors. Not without a remote for controlling volume and playback. Features: resistance — 40 Ohms, frequency range — 15-20000 Hz.

Buy from 1682р.

Xiaomi Piston 3

The budget liners in this collection is available in five colors: black, white, turquoise, pink and purple. These headphones for your price offer decent sound. 3 Piston — ear headphones for every day, they sound equally well all mainstream genres. Characteristics: impedance — 32 Ohm frequency range — 20-20, 000 Hz.

Buy from 485р.


Monitor headphones with removable cable and sports pads to off while Jogging. ZS3 have good insulation, special Hi-Fi driver of own design which transmits full sound texture is a great choice for fans of the lossles formats. Features: resistance — 16 Ohms, frequency range — 10-20000 Hz.

Buy from 809р.

Xiaomi Hybrid Pro

Hi-Rez-liners from Xiaomi c armature driver and graphene membranes will be pleasantly surprised with its sound. The special design of the moving coil provides rich MIDs and deep bass line. Resistance: 32 Ohm. Frequency range: 20-20, 000 Hz.

Buy from 1170р.

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