“VKontakte” allowed users to download all data about your profile

Social network “Vkontakte” launched in test mode tool, which allows you to download all the data about the activity page. A similar function is available to residents of Europe, as “Vkontakte” follows the rules of the GDPR.

To download all the information on your profile, it is necessary to open a special page dedicated to the protection of personal data. Then you need to go to the end of the page, where it will appear the button “Request archive”. Then you need to decide what data should be loaded.

“VKontakte” stores a large amount of information about users, including the story of the binding of the phone number and name changes, messages, Likes, bookmarks, referrals to the support page locking payment history and binding Bank cards. Now this and other information can download page owners.

The average waiting time of a ZIP archive is 2 hours. In some cases, the process of preparing the archive may take several days. At the archive is ready, users will receive a notification. You can download it within a few days, then the link is not active for security reasons.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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