#We write: How to remove the cache of the application “Photo” in macOS

We wrote Ryabykh Vladislav

Good day, dear editors AppleInsider.ru! Recently I had the desire to make a backup of all my photos on an external hard drive. I use iCloud to store all my photos, and at times unstable somewhat alarming.

In order to upload all of the Photos, you can select all the photo and open the File -> export. All photos are downloaded from the cloud, is copied to the selected folder on disk and saved on the computer. When I unloaded everything on the hard drive, saw the following:

I began to understand, open the “Management”, and what do we see?

Photo is 20 GB, well no, that’s not right. I have a MacBook Pro Retina 2014 on 128 GB of memory. A bit, of course, but that is. Let’s open the “Photos” tab, maybe there you can clear the cache?

But no. Offers to open a photo, and it does nothing. Just opens the program. It can poudalyat photos, but they will be removed from the cloud, which is not suitable. The Network began to write about CleanMyMac from MacPaw, but it will not help with this ā€” found 1.36 GB fotomotor instead of 20. There is another program DaisyDisk, but it doesn’t see all the garbage, and that it will remove ā€” not too much clear.

After they “travel” on the system and library folders found such a thing here. To access this archive not only via the Photos app.

So, to clean all unnecessary cache, do the following (Note, this method works if all your photos are in iCloud):

1. To Delete The “Photo Library”;

2. Launch the Photos app and see the following message:

3. Click “Open other…”, choose “Create new…”;

4. Go to settings and click “Use as System library”;

5. Then in the tab menu appears iCloud “iCloud photo Library”, activate and you’re done!

Now you see all your photos, cash to throw, and if you wish you can download to view only those photos and folders you want.

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