What company bought by Apple in 2018

Besides the fact that Apple updated almost all of the products, the company also bought not one start-up in 2018. Tell on all acquisitions of the Corporation in the past year.

It is worth noting that Apple rarely confirms the purchase. Instead, the representatives are usually given a standard comment explaining that “from time to time, the Corporation buys smaller technology companies,” but did not disclose the specific goals or plans. In addition, in many cases, details such as cost and date of acquisition unknown.


In early 2018 2 January – it became known that Apple has acquired the service of application development Buddybuild. Buddybuild company based in Vancouver, Canada that specialized in the integration tools to develop iOS applications, including a platform of feedback from users and much more.

After purchasing the team Buddybuild joined the engineering group in Apple Xcode to create an “awesome tools for iOS developers”. The purpose of the acquisition was to strengthen the Apple platform Xcode.

Silicon Valley Data Science

On 19 January, the publisher of Bloomberg reported that Apple hired a team of data scientists from Silicon Valley Data Science. The startup was focused on providing data analysis to large companies, “to improve their predictions, operational efficiency and customer relationships”.

Although Apple bought the startup in full, the representatives of the company stated that it hired dozens of employees from Silicon Valley Data Science. Rumor has it that one of these employees became CEO of the company.


12 Mar Apple confirmed that it acquired the popular distributor of digital magazines Texture. Commenting on the acquisition, Vice-President eddy cue said that Apple is committed to quality journalism from trusted sources.

Texture has become one of the largest acquisitions by Apple in 2018. Since the transaction logs of the distributor lowered the price on the premium subscription of 10 dollars a month, and ceased to support the app for Windows. It is expected that Texture will play a big role in the future Apple News. According to rumors, the company from Cupertino will launch a subscription service for news in the spring of 2019, which may be based on the platform of the Texture.

Akonia Holographics

On 29 August it became known that Apple acquired a startup dedicated to creating lenses for augmented reality glasses, known as Akonia Holographics. The startup, founded in 2012, has about 200 patents associated with technologies and displays for augmented reality. During its existence, it attracted more than 11.6 million US dollars as investments, but it is unclear how much Apple paid for the company.

Apple acquired Akonia Holographics to work on with the augmented reality glasses or some other headset.


About buying Apple Shazam first became known in December 2017, but only 24 September 2018 the deal was officially closed due to problems of regulation in Europe. Apple has announced the completion of the transaction in a press release, stating that Shazam would be “liberated” from the ads for all users.

Apple promises deeper integration of Shazam in iOS and Apple Music, which we are likely to see in 2019 with the release of iOS 13.


This is another deal that actually took place in December 2017, but the news about the acquisition was not confirmed until October 10, 2018. Danish startup specialized in software for the digital separation of people and objects from the background.

They say that the transaction value is estimated at $ 30 million, though Apple didn’t confirm it. Most likely, the Corporation acquired Spektral for technology start-up in the Camera app in iOS, as well as in programs such as Clips, Final Cut Pro and iMovie.


October 10, Apple and Dialog announced the signing of a multi-year agreement, under which Apple will receive technology license management Dialog from the semiconductor manufacturer, which has long been part of the supply chain of the Corporation from Cupertino. The iPhone maker made an advance payment in the amount of 300 million U.S. dollars in the transaction and must pay another $ 300 million to complete the purchase within the next three years.

In addition, Apple announced that it has hired about 300 employees Dialog.


On October 15 in the media appeared information that Apple acquired Asaii, a company engaged in musical intelligence. The startup claimed that they are able “to identify future top musicians for ten weeks before they enter in the ratings of the best.” In the end, it turned out that Apple actually has not acquired Asaii, and hired the founding team members.

Silk Labs

November 20, several authoritative publications have reported that Apple bought Silk Labs, a startup producing secure camera with artificial intelligence. Likely, the transaction occurred at the beginning of the year, but until November it has not been known.

Silk Labs was founded in 2015 by three former employees of Mozilla with the aim of creating artificial intelligence that focuses on protecting the privacy of users.


The latest acquisition of Apple in 2018 was company Platoon. The startup was founded in 2016, the “veteran” division iTunes Denzil Feigel’son, who has worked at Apple for over 15 years.

The acquisition Platoon associated with hiring the creators of the startup Asaii and Apple’s plans for the development of Apple Music.


Apple has made several notable acquisitions in 2018, among which we can highlight the Texture and Shazam, as well as the transaction at $ 600 million with Dialog. However, the acquisition of small start-UPS indicates a growing interest of Apple data, Analytics and artificial intelligence.

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