What to expect from CES 2019 fans of Apple?

Last year at CES was presented a lot of accessories for the smart home, but few companies can demonstrate products that were truly innovative. Tell how CES 2019 may be associated with Apple.

Accessories for iPad Pro from a USB C

Despite the fact that over the last few years Apple has set the laptops USB ports-C, this is the first CES since how USB-C replaced the Lightning connector in the iPad Pro. In this regard, probably the accessories manufacturer will present the device with USB-C, which will expand the possibilities of Apple tablets.

Hubs, chargers, keyboards, monitors, and audio devices are just some of the possible accessories USB-C.

Accessories for Mac computers

Perhaps CES will feature new external graphics processors for Apple computers, and various peripheral devices that are compatible with macOS.

Smart home

Like last year, devices for the smart home dominate CES, but it is unknown whether they will support HomeKit. Unfortunately, the manufacturers of such accessories often do not have time to produce product to the stated deadline, and some prefer not to include support for HomeKit. Overall, the product category of “smart home” remains an intricate network of systems and standards for most consumers.

Competitors AirPods and AirPower

Last year at CES was presented a lot of smart speakers. It happened after Apple announced the HomePod. In the case of a wireless charging station for multiple devices the situation could be repeated. The iPhone maker has not yet released the promised gadget AirPower and the case for wireless charging AirPods. But the competitors had enough time to work on the same products and solutions.

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