Apple explained why not consider bent iPad Pro 2018 defective

Apple has published on its website a new article, which gives some idea of the process of production iPad Pro 2018. This step was decided after customer complaints received is slightly bent new tablets.

The article says that small curves can be more visible to the eye due to the new design with straight edges. It also mentioned that Apple allows to change the flatness of the surface and 400 microns, and all that is outside of this range falls under the warranty repair or replacement of the device.

The document States that for the first time Apple is using a new production method, called “joint molding”.

In particular, the models of iPad Pro with LTE module antenna side panels are connected with metal by injecting plastic material into milled channels in the housing.

Apple claims that the new design and plastic insert that the LTE versions can cause the curves of the iPad. In normal use the change of flatness of up to 400 microns should be invisible to the eye.

The company urged all consumers who believe that their iPad Pro 2018 are flexed more than the permissible level, contact Apple support. The manufacturer is ready to cover the damage due to a defect in materials or manufacturing process of the gadget.

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