WhatsApp plans to add video calling feature

Earlier this year, users of WhatsApp messenger has been the ability to make voice calls without any additional charges. Therefore is quite natural while the recent news that soon the fans of this service will be able to call each other and video.

The German website Macerkopf.de circulated a screenshot where you can see the interface is iOS app WhatsApp in a full-screen video call. The screenshot below shows that developers do not have to reinvent the wheel and chose the approach in Skype and FaceTime.

According to the source, the service will allow users to switch from front camera to back and Vice versa, and use to call the Wi-Fi connection or 4G. Information about when we will get another Manager with support for video calls, not yet reported. I wonder how many of our readers are active users of WhatsApp?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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