Why VSCOcam is still one of the best photo editors for iOS

In the App Store, you can find more than a thousand different apps for photo editing, but most users still prefer VSCOcam. Understand why this editor has not lost its relevance in 2018.

VSCOcam appeared in the 2012, and since then, its audience is only growing. In many ways this love of users to this editor due to the ease of use of the application. In VSCOcam, you can add any photo from your camera roll and immediately edit it.

The main convenience of apps is a large number of available filters. The user can edit: after applying the image filter it is possible to decrease or, conversely, to increase. This is useful if, for example, the setting mode, the A6 fits the main colors of the picture, but excessively increases the contrast of details — just one swipe this contrast can be removed, making the filter less visible. Images flatten, crop, and give them the necessary format.

In VSCOcam is a paid filters or free of charge. In General, the application can be used effectively and without purchasing in-app purchases, as they do not affect the existing set of editing tools.

In the picture you can change almost everything. Each parameter settings — saturation, contrast, temperature, sharpness, graininess and transparency (very similar to contrast) — has a slider that helps you easily choose different degree of application of the tool. Filter you can always change, even after editing.

In VSCOcam is even a social network: user can start their own blog, whose primary function is the placement of the photographs taken by the owner of the iOS device. However, this platform is far in its capabilities from Instagram and practically useless.

It is important to note that VSCOcam does not spoil the image quality. After loading the snapshot into a photographic film or on any other platform, the picture will be of the same quality and resolution, what it was originally.

VSCOcam can be purchased for free by the link.

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Clifton Nichols

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