10 ways to choose iPhone in one minute

Paul Gorodnitsky – how to decide on a new smartphone without tedious tour of the specs and reviews.

Choosing his next smartphone, people are spending time watching reviews, reading likovskij forums and talk with the consultants, but it is definitely unnecessary procedures.

Guess the phone is much easier – you just need to ask the question “What do I value most? What feature or option for me the principle?” Once you find the answer, the search area will be reduced to two or three devices. And in the case of the iPhone.

Below is the analysis of the entire range of key characteristics.

The coolest

Absolute iPhone XS. It is extremely powerful, there is gorgeous screen, it really is convenient to manage with one hand. The camera is also in the top. Design – the most trendy, cut, not distracting at all. In addition, the XS has a version with 512 GB – you do not have to worry about free space. However, to become quite fashionable, you need to take the flagship in the gold version – then all will understand that this device 2018 release.

The healthiest

Grand iPhone XS Max. The first users have already recognized: it is a device, which on the one hand impressive display (officially the best on the market), and on the other discouraging crazy dimensions. If you have big hands or you are always ready to hold Max XS two hands – that’s your best option. If not – it is better to take XS, will not regret.

The most decent of budget

Oddly enough, this iPhone 6. No wonder it was recently voted the most popular iPhone in Russia. Over 20 thousand owner receives and tolerant screen (like the iPhone 7/8 that are still sold), and support for new OS’s, and the most ergonomic design. Of compromise – average camera and battery, which should fuel a couple of times a day. But these disadvantages can be tolerated, especially if the budget is barely up to $ 300.

The best ratio of price and quality

Definitely iPhone X. It has fallen in price (worth 65 thousand), but still not a bit outdated. The processor in the order screen – the bomb, the case is not distinguishable from new products, and the camera works fine with photo and video, and anything up to portraits and panoramas. In General, if you want something top-end, and the budget is not unlimited, right to stay on “top ten” and not on her heirs.

The smallest

Tiny iPhone SE. It is not the official website of Apple, but in retail, a lot of them – you can go to the nearest store and just buy. Here the recipe is very simple: if comfortable typing and surf the Internet on a 4 inch screen, go ahead, if not better, refer to the “six”. It is more versatile, though more expensive at three thousand rubles (20 vs. 17 for the minimum version of SE).

Perfect for gaming

Bomber iPhone 8 Plus (from 51 thousand). Mobile gamers will say with one voice that bermocoll – nonsense, which only interferes in the games. Therefore, the best choice is a powerful and enormous “eight” plus. Incidentally, there is even Cristiano Ronaldo – he came with him to Russia. Apparently, a five-time winner of the “Golden ball” annoying cut on the iPhone X.

The most striking

Al iPhone 8. First, it looks stylish, and solid – thanks to the black front panel. Secondly, the usual “eight” easily pulls all the latest games and applications. Thirdly, this smartphone is totally cheaper version of the 64 GB sold for only 43-44 thousand rubles. And “eight” can be bought tomorrow, unlike the iPhone XR, which will arrive in Russia is closer to the beginning of November.


6s or 6s Plus smartphones for fans to cheat the system. These models have almost disappeared from the shelves, but still gathering dust in some small shops. There they should look to for a penny (up to 30 thousand) to get the iPhone with a 3.5 mm Jack, 3D Touch and more not to lose the relevance of “iron”. Hurry – every day 6s.

The most practical

Restored the iPhone 7 is 128 GB. If you buy in the checked place, no problems will arise. You will not even remember that it’s not really a new smartphone, but rejoice nimble processor, a good camera and huge storage. In short, your 36 thousand this “seven” will definitely work out. The perfect option to buy, and then another 2-3 years to think about switching phones.

The most long lasting

Here without variants – iPhone XR. Yes, it is expensive (from 65 thousand at the start), he had outdated display and wide frame (compared to “ten”), but the Vice-flagship officially the best autonomy in the 11-year history of Apple’s smartphone. Plus a top-end camera and a powerful processor. One problem – XR will be on sale until the end of October. If you are not confused and the battery is a decisive factor, it is better to wait.

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