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iPhone XR will be assembled in India

Apple will launch production of the iPhone XR and XS in India soon. It is reported by Reuters, citing an anonymous source.

Now Apple is already producing in India iPhone SE, 6S and iPhone 7 for the local market.

India is a huge market for smartphones, but the iPhone sells poorly in the country due to high prices. Production of gadgets in the country allows them to slightly reduce.

Assembled in India iPhone XR may go on sale next month. Whether smartphones of the Indian assembly will be delivered to other countries is unknown.

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Apple will launch four iPhone models in 2020 – JP Morgan

JP Morgan analysts said in a recent note to investors that Apple will launch four iPhone models in 2020.

It is assumed that three new iPhones will receive OLED-displays with a diagonal of 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7 inches. These models will support 5G as well as advanced Time-of-Flight technology in main cameras.

The fourth model of 2020 could be a budget continuation of the iPhone SE. It will receive a 4.7-inch LCD-display and will not work with networks of the fifth generation.

JP Morgan analysts are optimistic about the introduction of 5G in Apple gadgets and predict sales of 195 million iPhones in 2020. For comparison, the estimated sales of the iPhone in 2019 will be 180 million units.

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AirPods and 4 gadget Apple, which have the most reasonable prices

Paul Gorodnitsky calls not to whine, but to enable rationality.

High prices — the main reason to hate Apple. You can go out to interview 100 people with Android devices to and 90 will say something in the spirit of “Yes, Tim cook is out of line! To pay for you’re going! I’m not a fool — you pay for your candy, the sectarians”.

In short, the pricing policy of the company from Cupertino is really annoying and discourages those who used to pick things up, focusing solely on the …


What do you think the developers on the beta version of iOS 12.1.3

Apple has released a new beta of iOS 12.1.3 for developers and testers. User forums have already begun to share their impressions of the new products — and some of them are very disappointed.

The update, which is traditionally for Apple, includes the optimization of integrated applications and increased stability of the operating system. Special attention is paid to debugging electronic SIM card. The final version of iOS 12.1.3 will be available for users at the end of January 2019, …


Top 10 disappointments of the year. Death iPhone SE and other microcredit

Paul Gorodnitsky is that a must fix in 2019.

2018 was a great year for the IT industry: it has grown from a few decent mobile brands, manufacturers are not afraid to play with designs, and even in the market there are very few devices that are ashamed to take up. But disappointments still not done. I have compiled them here in order to check whether it was possible for large companies to fix all the bugs. Go.

NFC still is not available in all smartphones. It is strange when you …


What to expect from Apple in 2019

In 2018 Apple updates most products with the exception of the iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook, iPad mini, Apple TV and AirPods. Many analysts expect in the new year the company will introduce a number of new products.

In this article we will discuss when Apple will conduct the following activities, and what devices do we expect from the company over the next 12 months.

Calendar of events the Apple

Likely, the company will hold four major events in 2019:

  • March (usually on some of the

Apple hopes to find a compromise with the Indian authorities and yet to open in the country Apple Store

Last week, multiple sources stated the decline in popularity of iPhone in India. Now the Minister of Commerce and industry of India Suresh Prabhu said that next month he will meet with Apple to discuss further cooperation.

Prabhu told reporters that the government still maintains the relationship with Apple. He added that the authorities would want the iPhone maker has also opened offices in India. The Minister also noted that the situation in the country and in the company changed …


11 the biggest frustrations Apple in 2018

Apple is one of the largest, most expensive and favorite technology companies in the world. However, not all actions by Apple in 2018 met the expectations of users.

Apple has raised the prices on almost all products

In 2018 Apple increased the starting price on many of their most popular devices. Here is just a small list of changes compared to 2017:

  • The initial price of a new and cheaper iPhone increased by $ 50.
  • The initial price of the Apple Watch Series 4 increased by 70

If you wanted to replace the battery on the iPhone, it’s time to do it

Two months left before the expiration of the preferential programme for replacement of the battery on the iPhone. Apple has provided a discount on the repair after being accused of understating the performance of iPhone.

At the end of 2017, Apple admitted that limit the peak speed of the processor on older smartphones. The company claims that this is to prevent unexpected shutdown due to battery wear. This explanation is not for everyone. Users began to sue the company, and Italy fined …


Group chat in FaceTime will not be available for older iPhone and iPad

One of the most anticipated innovations in iOS 12.1 — group video chat in FaceTime. Unfortunately, not all iPhone and iPad users will be able to use it. About it Apple told in a special booklet devoted to the new firmware. It can be downloaded here.

According to the company, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be able to conduct group chat only in audiograil. The same fate awaits the iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3 and iPad Air.

The problem is the A8 processor or an older …