5 things Tim cook surpassed Steve jobs

After the resignation of Steve jobs in August 2011, Tim cook officially took the position of head of Apple. As observers, on the post of CEO cook makes the company more open and tries to get closer to rank and file employees. In 2011 the operating profit of Apple was barely over $100 billion, but last year, when the company reached the peak of its popularity, the size of her earnings exceeded $230 billion, gave a total of more than two-fold increase in less than five years. During this time, Apple surpassed by market capitalization oil and gas giant Exxon and became the most expensive Corporation in the world.

Some analysts believe that the legacy of Tim cook will be determined not by what happened after the death of Steve jobs, but that will make the CEO for the next five years. Under his leadership, Apple needs to overcome emerging issues, particularly in the smartphone market, where companies compete to manufacturers of low cost devices.

Apple traditionally does not disclose future plans, but before Tim cook spoke about the company’s projects in the field of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. According to unconfirmed reports, Cupertino is developing a self-driving electric car. Apple CEO declares that studying technology and choosing the “right”, the Corporation met with them close enough to understand how you can use them. And being a “first” for Apple is not so important as to be “the best”.

Tim cook says he respects the legacy of Steve jobs and honor his memory, however, in decision-making is guided solely by their knowledge and experience. At the moment there are five things that the current Director-General, Apple has managed to surpass the company’s founder Steve jobs.

Program to return capital to shareholders. Steve jobs was never a big fan of the programs of return of capital. But since the beginning of 2012 Apple has repurchased approximately $127 billion in company stock and paid out $44.8 billion in dividends.

In April this year Apple’s Board of Directors approved an increase in the volume of share repurchases in the amount of $175 billion instead of the $140 billion the Company plans to continue to repay the liabilities on shares with restrictions, which are due for vesting.

Also the Board of Directors approved an increase in the size of the interim dividend by 10% and declared dividends of $0.57 per share to all who were included into number of shareholders as at the close of business on 9 may 2016.

The appearance of the stylus. In 2015, Tim cook introduced a 12.9-inch iPad Pro which came stylus Apple Pencil. Steve jobs is unlikely to allow the emergence of digital pen for Apple devices. He believed that nature has endowed man with ten different “stylus” — his fingers. Using them is much easier than to carry a plastic glass”, considered jobs.

“Who needs a stylus? Yes to anyone. You’ll get it a couple of times, and then will be removed to hell — and, in the end, will lose,” Steve jobs said.

But in the case of the iPad Pro stylus turned out to be really useful. The accessory is in demand among professionals, in particular designers, illustrators, architects, etc. while iPad sales were down quarter over quarter, that’s iPad Pro for the first time in several years has allowed Apple to increase revenue in the segment of tablets.

iPhone in “mortgage”. A year ago, Apple offered breakthrough innovations, which refers to the financial sector: the company introduced the iPhone updates – Apple Upgrade Program – which is largely brilliant.

Purchase the 16-Gigabyte iPhone 6s will cost you $649. With the Apple Upgrade Program you will be able to pay $32,41 per month for two years, but the total payment will be $778, because the program includes AppleCare+. In this 12 months when Apple will present the next iPhone, the user can give his “old” (already a year ago) the phone back to Apple and get a new version. The contract will be automatically prolonged for 24 months and after 12 months the person gets a new iPhone, and the cycle will continue. This plan, which would be proud of even the financiers Goldman Sachs.

In fact, in the framework of the Apple Upgrade Program Apple transformed from product to service. For $32,41 per month the constitutional right to pursuit of happiness through possession of the latest iPhone models finally came true. Buyers will change the phone every year instead of once in two to three years, which will significantly increase iPhone sales.

Apple Music and Empire services. The limited warranty is just one of the many services in the Arsenal of Apple. Recently Tim cook announced a record increase in revenue from such services as Apple Music and AppleCare. This year the income from services for the first time exceeded the profit from Mac sales, and Apple computers were the second source of revenue after the iPhone.

Many analysts say the services are the next major source of income for Apple, as sales of hardware are showing signs of stagnation. The acquisition of Beats Music for $3 billion in 2014, helped Apple to launch its own music service Apple Music. In 2014 the company introduced payment system Apple Pay and expanded the capabilities of the cloud service iCloud.

Social initiatives. Under the leadership of cook, Apple has made a big step towards solving public and social problems, a company that helps fight for the rights of employees in the field of ethnic and gender diversity.

Earlier this year Apple started to use robots for processing iPhone. In 2015, the company, together with the nature conservancy has helped to preserve more than 36,000 acres of forests in the United States. The new headquarters of Apple, reminiscent of a spaceship, will be entirely run on green energy.

In 2014, Tim cook became the only openly gay Manager of the largest company in the United States. CEO of Apple made a coming out, expressing hope that it will affect other people. Recently he said that he did this in order to help LGBT teenagers who feel marginalized.

Over the past two years, Apple has improved the performance of racial and sexual diversity among its employees in the United States, as evidenced by published company data. Tim cook said that the company values the common values and cultural diversity. Diversity of employees is “the future of the company” and not just the declared value, he said. Cook is convinced that “teams with a wide variety create the best products”.

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