8 signs that iOS has become worse in recent years

With each new release of iOS becomes more versatile platform. In this case, the operating system loses the very simplicity and ease of use that appreciate the “Apple” technique.

A Reddit user under the nickname Metroidpwner believes that iOS is moving in the wrong direction. It is Apple’s smartphone since the iPhone 3G and the latest updates, according to him, has seriously complicated the use of gadgets. iOS 10 is an example of how not to be modern user interface.

The fact that in recent versions has increased the number of bugs and errors, not even discussed, just makes you think about how much time Apple spends on testing their software. The main problem lies in the confusing interface.

  • To access the music now need to make two swipes.
  • Difficult to get the sliders for volume and screen brightness.
  • Push notifications for iOS updates.
  • Inconvenient access control from lock screen (works often, not like on the home screen).
  • During a phone call, if you apply the gadget to your ear, disappears from the screen mute button: you need to re-unlock the gadget.
  • Now you can’t unlock the device with the Home button to open the screen lock ā€“ the gadget instantly rasplachivaetsya a fingerprint scanner.
  • The search function is accompanied by “freezes”.
  • Siri has become more difficult to use, because now we need different ways to hold the Home button in whichever open application, or blocked device.

In iOS 10 pretty much horizontal swipe, which has replaced the vertical, the author of the post. For example, in previous versions of the OS to open the camera with lockscreen had to hold fingers up, now this movement was replaced by a swipe to the left. To launch the camera became less convenient. According to Metroidpwner, “this is a change for the sake of change.”

The system of gestures “swipe” in iOS 10 illustrates the inconsistency. For example, a swipe to the left launches the camera, but in the app by swiping, you switch modes. Instinct to return back to the lock screen you want to swipe right, but you have to use the Home button. The change seems minor, but it speaks of inconsistency between lockscreen those developers and programmers that worked on the camera interface.

“I don’t want to be the person who says “If Steve Jobs was not like this,” because Steve is no longer with us for quite some time, and Apple has hired many skilled engineers and designers. But I want the Apple back the same simplicity and convenience. Very miss them! Why there were fixes for things that didn’t need to fix, like two swipes to control?”, ā€“ wrote Metroidpwner.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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