American mobile operators launched the world’s first 5G network

The world’s first 5G network was launched in several US cities. It is reported by American cellular provider Verizon.

First 5G network will be available only in four American cities: Los Angeles, Sacramento, Texas, and Indianapolis. The world’s first user of the new network was a resident of Houston Clayton Harris.

So far, the ISP Verizon provides only 5G home network. At the moment there is construction of new towers, and when their number will increase, Verizon is also planning to connect to 5G networks and mobile Internet users. Due to the novelty of the service for the first three months of service are free and then monthly fee will range from $ 50 (for existing customers, Verizon) to $ 70 (for new users). This price includes rental and free upgrade router and set top box 4K Apple TV or Google Chromecast. The first users will also get three months of free subscription on YouTube TV.

Today the market still lacks such mobile devices that could work in a 5G network. However, some manufacturers like LG, Lenovo and Xiaomi have already announced smartphones that support mobile communication of the fifth generation, but before the start of their sales to wait for a long time.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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