Announced 18-core iMac Pro: the most powerful Mac in history

Apple lifted the veil on a completely new line of iMac Pro. These computers level workstations designed for professional users who need to solve the most demanding tasks.

New iMac Pro ā€” the fastest ever built Mac. They feature a gorgeous 27-inch 5K Retina display, Xeon processors with up to 18 cores, and graphics, outstanding to 22 teraflops of power. iMac Pro in the magnificent new building of the color “gray space” opens up incredible possibilities for editing complex graphics, content creation virtual reality and 3D rendering in real-time. Delivery iMac Pro will start in December this year.

In addition to the new iMac Pro, Apple is working on a completely redesigned Mac Pro next generation: it is designed for professional users who need the newest system with a modular design, high performance and professional screen at the highest resolution.

“We are pleased to present to developers and customers, the announcement of a new iMac Pro. This is the fastest and most powerful Mac. And this will be the first ever iMac-level workstations, said John Ternus, Apple’s Vice President of hardware. ā€” We re-designed the system and developed a completely new architecture of thermoregulation to allow for exceptional performance in a thin quiet case of the iMac, which is so liked by our buyers. iMac Pro is a huge step forward. The world has never seen anything like it”.

The performance of the workstation level in the case of the iMac
iMac Pro Intel Xeon new generation with up to 18 cores, able to cope with the challenges. Thanks to flash storage and the brand new thermoregulation system, slim unibody iMac Pro is cooled down to 80% more efficient than before. iMac Pro is not only powerful, but also very beautiful thanks to the new casing colors “space grey” and a gorgeous 27-inch Retina 5K display, supporting up to 1 billion colors.

iMac Pro is equipped with the new GPU Radeon Pro Vega ā€” the most advanced graphics processor ever in a Mac. The GPU in the iMac Vega Pro is equipped with a new processor core, next generation and has up to 16GB of internal high-speed memory HBM2. Its speed when handling single-precision numbers up to 11 teraflops. This is more than enough for 3D rendering in real time, and create realistic content for virtual reality with high frame rate. And the processing of numbers half-precision, which is ideal for machine learning, iMac Pro delivers incredible 22 teraflops.

Fast drives and advanced technology I/o
iMac Pro supports SSDS with up to 4TB of capacity and up to 128 GB of ECC memory. And the four Thunderbolt ports: 3 you can connect up to two high-performance RAID arrays, and dual-monitor 5K at the same time. For the first time in the history of the Mac, iMac Pro is equipped with an Ethernet 10 Gbps, which can transfer data up to 10 times faster.

The beginning of deliveries of the iMac Pro is scheduled for December of this year.

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