App Store customers were allowed to sue Apple

The U.S. court of appeals today allowed the customers App Store to sue Apple for monopolization of the market of mobile applications for the iPhone by creating a single store where iPhone and iPad users can buy software. It is reported by news Agency Reuters.

The first trials connected with the current situation began in 2012 — then the Apple repeatedly charged that the company does not allows you to install mobile apps from third-party sources. This is a direct restriction of price competition.

In the Apple relate to the initiative with incomprehension, because the prices in the App Store installs not the Corporation itself, and the developers. Apple only provides a platform for the exchange of content between creators and buyers. Besides, the company has repeatedly explained why it is not allowed to install apps not from the App Store: this can be a security risk and iOS devices.

However, given the number of those who are willing to sue Apple, lawsuits against the company will be a lot. But the fact that things will be favorable for users, there is no guarantee.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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