Apple and Google spoke out against Australian law on the transfer of user data

A number of major American corporations, including Apple and Google, opposed the law, which was adopted in Australia on 7 December 2018. According to him, law enforcement authorities have the right to collect personal user data, including encrypted messages.

In opposition to a new Australian law were three of the largest technology companies in the U.S. – Apple, Microsoft and Google. In their opinion, this bill is “deeply flawed” and disrespectful to the millions of users.

New Australian law is deeply flawed. It has a very wide effect and will not be able to help independent control events. It undermines the principles of cybersecurity, human rights to privacy and the right of users to the storing of personal data.

Technology companies hope that their protest will be heard by the Australian government and will lead at least to a partial change in the law. Three corporations can also join Twitter, LinkedIn, Snap, Facebook, and Dropbox.

Recall that, according to the accepted December 7, 2018 the law, the government requires a number of major technology corporations to transfer personal user data (including encrypted) on demand to law enforcement.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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